Our Beginners course is designed as the first step in continuing to learn water skills but without the aid of having their parent/ carer in the water. With the restrictions and challenges that COVID19 have introduced into our lives we have had to reduce our class sizes. This is why our ratios must stay at 1:2 to ensure the safety and well being of each student in the class.

This class is 15 minutes long and at 1:2 = 1 Austswim or Royal Life Saving teacher to 2 Students ratio;
This is to allow each child to get the most out of the class and also to aid in behavior management


This course will help the students to further adapt to the water and become confident within the pool. By the end of the course, the student will be capable of fully submerging their heads for a short duration of time. The course will also introduce the basics of a correct kicking technique and arm paddling. A continued focus on water safety awareness will see students taught how to safely enter and exit the pool.

Beginners - Stage 1
HAZARDS & PERSONAL SAFETY - Identify where water can be found around the home
ENTRY & EXIT - Identify safe areas for entering and exiting water
ENTRY & EXIT - Enter and exit the water
FLOTATION - Orientate the body using rotation with a buoyant aid
SWIMMING - Kick on front and back using a buoyant aid
SWIMMING - Glide on front and back
SWIMMING - Move 3 metres continuously using arms and legs
UNDERWATER - Submerge the body and exhale in the water
LIFESAVING - Identify people who can help in an emergency

Beginners - Stage 2

HAZARDS & PERSONAL SAFETY - Identify dangers in aquatic environments around the home
ENTRY & EXIT - Slide in entry and exit
FLOTATION - Float on front and back and recover
FLOTATION - Tread water using a buoyant aid
FLOTATION - Fit a lifejacket and float
SWIMMING - Swim 5 metres basic freestyle
SWIMMING - Glide on front and back, kick and recover
UNDERWATER - Submerge to recover an object from chest deep water
LIFESAVING - Identify different ways to get help
RESCUE - Be pulled to safety with an aid
SEQUENCING & SURVIVAL - Float with a buoyant aid for 30 seconds and kick to safety

Beginners - Stage 3

HAZARDS & PERSONAL SAFETY - Identify rules for safe behaviour in and around home aquatic environments
ENTRY & EXIT - Fall in entry and recover
FLOTATION - Float on back for 30 seconds Tread water for 30 seconds
SWIMMING - Swim 10 metres freestyle with breathing
SWIMMING - Swim 5 metres backstroke
SWIMMING - Swim 5 metres survival backstroke kick
UNDERWATER - Swim through a submerged obstacle
LIFESAVING - Identify people and actions to help in an aquatic emergency
RESCUE - Be rescued with a buoyant aid
SEQUENCING & SURVIVAL - Perform a survival sequence to simulate an accidental entry


We ask that all swimmers observe sun safety protocols by ensuring they are appropriately clothed and sun cream is applied before entering the pool. Ideal clothing consists of rash shirt and swimmers. Hair should be tied back and any jewellery is removed. Hair cap and goggles can be used, but are not necessary in most cases.

Whilst some classes may involve using flotation devices such as noodles or kickboards, permanent flotation devices (e.g. arm floats) are not allowed, as they can both hinder movement and provide a false sense of security to the student.

Once complete, we would recommend the student moves on to the Intermediate course.

If you have any queries about this course, or would like to make a booking, contact our friendly team on 0447 226 284.