COVID-19 Enrollment and Procedure guide

Welcome to the Joy of Water COVID-19 Enrollment and Procedure guide…


  • Complete one of the following forms;
    1. Expression of interest
  • The team at Joy of Water will then create a Roll and send out offers via email, you will be able to select and reserve, and pay your fee’s for the Term
    1. Active Kids Provider
      If you are going to use your Active Kids Voucher, you will need to use the following Code at the checkout “ACTIVE-KIDS” this will apply a credit of $100 to the transaction
    2. You will only be able to use one voucher at a time so please process each child as a separate cart transaction.
    3. All vouchers are manually processed on the Active Kids Website provider portal, if there is an issue with your voucher a Joy of Water Team member will be in contact.
    4. Joy of Water Swim School will NOT process active kids vouchers at the time of booking to avoid administration issues and the need for refunding overpayments.
  • Once your spot has been paid for, the Joy of Water Team will confirm your spot with an email, and update the teachers roll

Each day at class

  • COVID-19 Safe Business
    Each family MUST be at the pool 5 to 10 minutes before class, this is to enable the Joy of Water team to ensure you have checked into class using the QR code or the menu item on the footer website
  • On arrival to the pool, you will have to pay or use your pass to access the pool, and complete the COVID-19 requirements for Newcastle and or Midcoast Council, On the wall above seats allocated for parents for learn to swim there will be
    1. 1 QR Code for “2020 Joy of Water - Covid Records”
      1. Please scan this code and complete the online form before class.
      2. This link is also on the website footer on every page
    2. 1 QR Code for “2020 Joy of Water Absent Form”
      1. Please complete this form if you are unable to make it to a class
      2. This link is also on the website footer on every page
  • Stay in the designated seating area, once your class has finished, we would apricate if you leave the venue unless you have a child in the next immediate class. This is because our team MUST sanitize the seats in between classes to ensure we meet our COVID-19 requirements
    1. Please ensure that your participant is dressed and ready to go, this will minimize risk in using the change rooms and facilities. At the end of class we recommend a set of warm clothes to go over swimmers to again avoid the need to use the change and facilities spaces.
    2. Midcoast Council pools are closed to the public, so this means that we must LOCK the access to the public unless we are physically present to prevent other people from using the pool.

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