Custom Classes

Custom classes provide an opportunity for flexibility and great for lots of different scenarios. 

This can include schools, and family/ friend groups bookings and if want to modify the usual instructor to participant ratio to suit skills and abilities as well as incorporate skill development in carers/parents etc.

The class format will depend on how many students, instructors needed and the individual skills and abilities, however JOW team will follow Swim and Survive guidelines to assess level of competence.

Custom Classes, Group bookings, schools, or 1 to 1, 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratios

Custom classes are a great way to reduce time and money so please contact the JOW team for a custom quote.

We ask that all swimmers observe sun safety protocols by ensuring they are appropriately clothed and sun cream is applied before entering the pool. Ideal clothing consists of rash shirt and swimmers. Hair should be tied back and any jewellery is removed. Hair cap and goggles can be used, but are not necessary in most cases.

Whilst some classes may involve using flotation devices such as noodles or kickboards, permanent flotation devices (e.g. arm floats) are not allowed, as they can both hinder movement and provide a false sense of security to the student.

If you have any queries about this course, or would like to make a booking, contact our friendly team on 0447 226 284.