Initial Assessment

New to Joy of Water?

Before you can enroll in any of our online classes we first need to assess your swimming proficiency. Typically this is a swimming session we run to determine your ideal class.

    1. Complete the 'Book Assessment Online'
    2. Select the 'Staff' Pool Location
    3. Select the date, then the available time that you want to book
    4. Then complete the details about the student, and your contact details. This will need to be completed for each student.
    5. A member of the Joy of Water Team will contact you and confirm your booking.
      Learn to swim assessment
Class Options are;

Mainstream Class
These classes are offered regularly and are great option for most students as it creates a fun and safe learning environment.

  • Introduction to water - parents / carers typically get in so optimum 1:1 ratio, may have up yo 10 in a class with 1 teacher
  • Beginners - 1 teacher to 4 - 6 students dependent on their abilities
  • Intermediate - 1 to 6 - 8 students dependent on their abilities
  • Advanced - 1 to 8 - 10 students dependent on their abilities

Private Class
1 student and 1 teacher, this option is ideal for children / students with additional needs and or someone who wishes to work at their own pace without distraction

Custom Class
In custom classes we will arrange this based on your needs, this is ideal for schools, community, family groups or maybe students who like to be social but its too much in a mainstream class structure.

So please contact us to discuss your needs today and we look forward to seeing you at your initial assessment.

# NOTE: Our fees do not include the pool entry fee, we recommend the family or individual passes please see the page for your local pool for more details