Lesson and Booking Policy

Joy of Water Swim School Philosophy

Our aim is to make water activities safe and fun for all ages and abilities.
We hope our programs assist in giving our clients the necessary skills that will allow them to enjoy and safely explore all water environments.
We pride ourselves on delivering lessons that cater for individuals and groups.
Our teachers continue to learn and develop their skills and develop strong relationships with our clients so they can engage and get the best from them.

Booking your lesson

Bookings will be handled via website wwwjoyofwaterswimschool.com.au
You will need to register to reserve a lesson you will need to fill in an enrollment and send this via email to info@joyofwater.com.au
If we can place you into your desired lesson we will issue an invoice which will detail our location, time, teachers name, costs and links to our policy and procedures documentation.
If Joy of Water cannot fit you into your desired lesson we will try our best to offer an alternate session, however if none are available we will place your name on a cancellation list.
If you child is attending a session where a one (1) to one (1) ratio is required, the client is responsible for supplying an adult at all times. If you have trouble finding a replacement adult please contact Joy of Water management as we may be able to assist with a replacement however a this will incur an additional fee to cover wages and insurance.


Information will be gathered about the person attending before lessons start to aid in the process of getting to know their specific needs and to ensure we can consider all elements of group dynamics and safety and make for a safe and fun learning environment for all concerned.

Fees and charges

Please see the current fee schedule for more detailed pricing. At Joy of water Swim School we prefer payments to be made via websites secure eWay portal, by PayPal or credit card before sessions commence however understand that this may not always be possible.

We are happy to discuss alternate payment arrangements , however will always ask that the first two sessions are paid for, so we are always one session in advance.
Joy of Water have two (2) Swimming Terms as we operate out of a seasonal pool, Beresfield Swimming Centre

  • Term 1 - September to December (8 - 10 Weeks)
  • Term 2 - February to March (8 Weeks)

The exact staring dates will vary according to when the pool opens, and school terms as we try to accommodate this into our calendar to minimise the impact of family holidays etc.

Payments and Discounts

Please see the online booking system for current pricing. Please note pricing is based on Joy of Water meeting minimum numbers of groups. Pricing may vary depending on teacher to student ratio.
Custom lessons are available Joy of water Swim School however you will issued a proposal of fees and conditions to accept before any lessons commence.

Payments are expected after we have confirmed your booking and class size.
If you select to pay online using either Credit Card or PayPal these funds will be refunded if a suitable booking cannot be offered.

Payment Options

  • Credit Card - eWAY *
  • PayPal *
  • Weekly Payments - Bank transfer
  • Weekly Payments - Cash Box
  • Total Upfront Payment - Bank transfer
  • Total Upfront Payment - Cash Box

* Denotes these payment methods attract a payment processing fee.

If payment has not been made Joy of Water management reserve the right to cease providing the service.

Payment Plans

To assist your family's cash flow Joy of Water offer weekly payments.
Weekly payments are expected weekly, and are subject to our 'Makeup Lesson Policy' and 'Credits, Refunds and Cancellation Policy'
If you are finding you are falling behind on your account please contact Joy of Water Management team on Mobile 0447 226 284 or email accounts@joyofwater.com.au
If you are away it is expected that you notify Joy of Water management of the absence ASAP (Mobile 0447 226 284). However payment for the missed lesson will be expected to be paid on your next lesson.

Failure to make payment will result in account suspension, which will mean that your sessions will be suspended until such time that your account is paid in full.
Any debt collection fees and charges shall be at your expense and therefore shall be in addition to the outstanding amount.

Initial assessments,

On enrolment you will be invited to attend an assessment session so that the Joy of Water team can place you into the correct class for your swimming ability. These assessments are approximately 15 minutes long.
The cost of this assessment is;
Pool entry (paid directly to the pool) + Assessment Fee (see JOW fee schedule)

Make-up Lesson Policy

Make up lessons will only be issued within the same term.

Make-up lessons are NOT GUARANTEED and a maximum of 2 per term will only be given in the event of illness where a medical certificate has been supplied.
We cannot guarantee times will be available to suit your needs.
Exceptions will not be made so we kindly ask that you adhere to the policy to avoid disappointment of refusal.
Make up lessons will only be issued under the following guidelines:

  • Notification of absence must be received via SMS or Email before the scheduled class commences to be eligible for a make-up lesson.
  • Make-up lessons do not replace your normal class or reduce your next term fees
  • Student has not exceeded their maximum of two makeup lessons per term.
  • If your child misses 3 or more consecutive lessons due to illness, you may apply for credit.
  • If due to teacher absence, dangerous weather, pool maintenance and or pool contamination Joy of Water management will issue a makeup lesson which will be noted on your invoice, we can only try to accommodate the times will be available to suit your needs.
  • If a makeup session is required, within the last two (2) weeks of term, management will look at extending the term and or a credit applied to your account.

Credits, Refunds and Cancellation Policy


Credits will only be issued under the following guidelines:

  • Credits will only be considered for students who have incurred the following:
    • Major illnesses/injury or hospitalisation
    • Moving house or relocation
  • Credits will not be granted for Change of mind, due to location and pool temperature or program suitability.
  • Credits will not be granted for Missed lessons, for any other reason aside from major illness or family relocation.
  • Credits will not be granted for holidays.
  • Credits will not be applied for personal appointments.
  • All applications must be received prior to the completion of the enrolled term.
  • Credits will only be considered for 3 or more consecutive absences from lessons.
  • Credit – money will be credited to you to use for future swimming lessons and will remain on your file for the current calendar year.

To apply for credit: An application for credit form must be completed and submitted with the following documentation.

  • Letter outlining the reason for application and number of lessons missed (Attention letter: Joy of Water management).
  • Doctors certificate or proof of new address

the following guidelines will apply:

  • All credit applications must be received prior to the completion of the enrolled term.
  • Credits will only be considered for 3 or more consecutive absences from lessons.
  • A credit will be applied to your account for use for future swimming lessons and will be valid for the current calendar year.

Once a credit has been approved, a letter outlining the amount of credit in your account will be sent. All decisions on applications for credit are at the discretion of the Joy of Water management.


Refunds will not be given and this includes, but is not limited to, withdrawal from the Swim School program, change of mind, missed lessons.
As Joy of Water still needs to cover the cost of wages, lane hire and insurance.

Cancellation of Lessons:

Lessons may be cancelled due to staff sickness, dangerous weather, pool maintenance and or pool contamination.
However please be mindful that Joy of Water Swim School runs out of an outdoor facility, water and air temperature will vary dependant on current weather conditions.
At Joy of Water, if our team deem the weather will have a significant negative impact on child and or session and cancel the session we will notify you via SMS and or email and attempt to reschedule and offer a make-up session where it appropriate.

Work Health Safety considerations


Joy of Water Swim School request all patrons are to assist us in making sure we are all safe at our sessions.
When you first attend our session you will be given an orientation pack and information as to how sessions will be conducted and any specific WHS messages will be delivered by your teacher.

To help us do this we ask all children arrive promptly to their session, are marked off the attendance record sheet and parents/carers are located not far from the location of classes so children who need to leave a session for bathroom or first aid breaks are always accompanied and supervised as Joy of Water Teachers will not be in a position to do this.

Remembering that your child before and after Learn to Swim sessions are YOUR responsibility…

Risk Management:

Joy of Water teachers are trained in WHS risk management procedures and will conduct audits regularly but do ask all patrons to alert them to anything you see that needs immediate or later attention.

Incident handling:

At Joy of Water we take all hazards and incidents seriously, We ask all our patrons to assist us in keep yourself and children safe.

Please ensure that you report all issues, concerns and incidents directly to your teacher. If the incident requires any first aid or medical treatment whilst child is in our classes an incident report form will be required to be filled in by Joy of Water Swim School management and all concerned parties.


A copy of Joy of Water Swim School Certificate of Currency will be available on our webpage at all times.

Teacher Accreditation's:

All teachers working for Joy of Water Swim school will be put through a formal application and selection process. Successful applicants must be able demonstrated theory and practical skills and knowledge, and must hold as a Minimum Current and Valid Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and AUSTSWIM Certificate Swimming and Water Safety.

Other Accreditation's held in high regard;

Provide First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management, AUSTSWIM extension qualifications such as

Awareness of Child Protection, WHS, Sun safety, positive behaviour management practices

Ongoing Professional Development will be offered and encouraged and all teachers will need to maintain their accreditation currency as per AUSTSWIM mandatory requirements.


Child Protection:

All teachers working for Joy of Water Swim school must hold a valid working with children check issued by

Office of the Children's Guardian NSW reference; http://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au and National Criminal Checks.


Joy of Water values all our clients and will not tolerate any type inappropriate pressure or body, written or verbal language or used that may intimidate, threaten, cause physiological trauma.

Reference; https://www.playbytherules.net.au/news-centre/articles/1281-bullying-in-sport

Joy of Water Swim school also is a business who values its team and promote a safe and healthy work environment and reference; www.worksafeaustralia.gov.au

Behaviour Management:

Joy of Water Swim School prides itself on delivering programs that will engage its patrons on all sorts of levels, however we acknowledge their maybe times when behaviour might become of concern and need to be managed.

If this is the case the teacher will;

  • Build relationships that are genuine with all clients
  • Make sessions fun and keep client moving and interested
  • Mix of swim tasks, some new and challenging, some practicing, some they have mastered
  • Ignore annoying but not dangerous behaviours
  • Redirect focus on another activity/interest
  • Build in intensives, children take turn to be leaders/ helpers for activities, give children choices, awards, words and  gestures encouragement and praise when appropriate
  • If something is proving too distracting, or dangerous clients will be given 1, 2, and 3 by counting, these are opportunities for client to think before a natural consequence, i.e. time out, might be initiated

Reference; 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching, http://www.parentshop.com.au/ Stepping Stones Triple P Program http://www.triplep-steppingstones.net/au-en/home/

Raising Children Network  http://raisingchildren.net.au/

If a Patron is not responsive to the initial attempts or to regain positive behaviours it continues multiple times, the Teacher will address this directly with parent/ carer etc. and put into place a behaviour management plan to be agreed to by all parties.

Safety of all concerned is paramount so if any behaviour is dangerous in nature to the client, or other clients and teachers Joy of Water reserves the right to stop teaching this patron.

Moving through the levels and achievement rewards:

It is very important that patrons see natural improvement and progression in their skills.  Teachers from Joy of Water assess these each time a client enters the water.
We feel these achievements should be acknowledged as usually increases awareness, motivation and participation.
Joy of Water Swim School holds accreditation with Royal Life Saving and can offer Swim and Survive reward systems they offer. 
We will endeavour to provide these after each term ( 10 weeks)  or after 5 plus custom sessions.
Regression in skills can be a normal part of development especially if skills cannot be practiced regularly or a child experiences an event to make them anxious. 
We will always do our best to overcome these hurdles.

Photography and Social Media:

Photography of your own child for private use, however we ask that patrons refrain from taking images of classes or other children without consent of
Our teachers reserves the right to not be in any photos and must use good judgement if it is necessary.
Any suspicious photo taking or knowledge of inappropriate photo taking or publishing we will alert authorities.
Please see our policy ........
Joy of Water will on occasion like to feature some real photos of our classes, however no photo will be taken or published without consent of the responsible persons permission.

Feedback and complaint handling:

Joy of Water will love to hear what you think of our service and teaching staff.
We will always be happy to discuss things in person when we have time but know that this can sometimes be difficult so we ask you to call, email or use the website blog and or confidential feedback portal.

For more information about our policies and procedures this can be found either at the references mentioned or within the website pages.